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If you have received an “Intent to Levy” letter or a “Notice of Levy” letter from the IRS then you cannot afford to wait any longer!

Your New Jersey tax problems can be resolved. You can be protected from IRS tactics. Certain steps need to be followed or you can lose your rights in NJ – these rights can be protected. Keep your hard earned assets and restore peace of mind. We handle cases in all states and specialize in New Jersey tax problems. We can get control of your problem and will represent you from beginning to end in negotiating with the IRS and providing legal counsel, until the problem is resolved in your best interest. We will meet with the IRS for you, you do not need to be present. Even for Intent to Levy or Notice of Levy letters. We can stop the IRS “enforcement clock” while we resolve your problems. Don´t let amateurs handle your case. We are experts in NJ tax law, IRS problems and have achieved numerous successes for our clients. After your case has been resolved we will take the appropriate steps with credit bureaus and mortgage companies to re-establish your credit in New Jersey and beyond. Our fees are based on the complexity of each individual case.

An an Intent to Levy letter or a Notice of Levy letter from the IRS should be dealt with immediately.

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