New Case From New Jersey Tax Court: New Jersey Estate Tax Refund Claims

The recent decision of the New Jersey Tax Court in Estate of Ehringer v. Director, Division of Taxation, highlights the importance of an estate timely filing a refund claim where the estate expects to incur deductible expenses beyond the three-year statute of limitations for filing a refund claim and has overpaid New Jersey Estate taxes. Dennis M. Haase, a member of the bar of the United States Tax Court and a practicing tax attorney in New Jersey and New York, recommends that New Jersey estates file a claim for refund of New Jersey Estate Taxes within three years of paying New Jersey Estate Tax if they have overpaid these taxes. Dennis M. Haase, an expert in Estate Tax Law and litigation can review or draft your New Jersey Estate Tax Returns to see if you are entitled to a refund. Dennis M. Haase recommends that lawyers, accountants, executors and administrators file claims for New Jersey Estate Tax refunds within the three year statute of limitations period . Dennis M. Haase recommends that if you are involved in Estate Tax litigation or other unexpected or protracted delays in filing New Jersey Estate Tax to be advised that the statute of limitations, which is three years, does not stop.

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