Important notice for offshore account holders

The IRS and the U.S. Department of Justice are putting pressure on offshore financial institutions to report names of American account holders in an effort to bring back tax dollars into America. This program is targeting taxpayers who have failed to report foreign bank or financial accounts also known as FBAR. This effort has been […]


New Case From New Jersey Tax Court: New Jersey Estate Tax Refund Claims

The recent decision of the New Jersey Tax Court in Estate of Ehringer v. Director, Division of Taxation, highlights the importance of an estate timely filing a refund claim where the estate expects to incur deductible expenses beyond the three-year statute of limitations for filing a refund claim and has overpaid New Jersey Estate taxes. […]


New Jersey Small Businesses May Be Entitled To Tax Refunds

Under President Obama’s Recovery Act, the IRS has announced that small businesses can use a new net operating loss (NOL) tax provision to get refunds of taxes paid in prior years. This new law allows small businesses to carry back for up to 5 years instead of the previous 2 years the operating losses arising […]


New Jersey tax amnesty program 2009

The state of New Jersey is offering tax abatement to taxpayers in the form of a New Jersey Tax Amnesty Program. This means that taxpayers making full payment of their New Jersey taxes during the Tax Amnesty period can do so without paying a penalty. It also means that taxpayers can also benefit from reduced […]


The IRS Is Going After unreported Offshore Income

If you are a taxpayer who has been audited for unreported offshore income from the IRS, DENNIS M. HAASE can handle your dealings with the IRS and as a result of his years of experience can offer you the best outcome to this audit and handle any litigation that would result from criminal charges that […]