The IRS Is Going After unreported Offshore Income

If you are a taxpayer who has been audited for unreported offshore income from the IRS, DENNIS M. HAASE can handle your dealings with the IRS and as a result of his years of experience can offer you the best outcome to this audit and handle any litigation that would result from criminal charges that the IRS would bring against the taxpayer in Federal Court. DENNIS M. HAASE, an experienced tax attorney practicing in New Jersey and New York, has been successfully representing clients against the IRS for over thirty years.

The IRS is offering a settlement to taxpayers who voluntarily and timely disclose unreported offshore income. If taxpayers do not want to engage in “Audit Roulette,” taxpayers can pay back taxes and interest for 6 years and in return the IRS will promise not to bring criminal charges or impose the 75% fraud penalty. This program will expire in September 2009. If you choose to take advantage of this program, DENNIS M. HAASE can prepare the necessary documents and meet with the IRS to your benefit in engaging in this settlement offer.

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